Everything You Need to Know About Refrigerant Retrofits

Presented by:   Jim Jansen   

Every time we turn around, a new refrigerant has been introduced to the market. And it seems as though the authorities are continually changing the rules regarding what refrigerants we can use and how to use them. What doesn’t cause ozone depletion or global warming, eventually contributes to some other humanitarian concern. Whatever are we to do? Of course, we are exaggerating to a degree, but are you worried your thermostatic expansion valves won’t control super-heat or your solenoid valves won’t open or close after you switch from one refrigerant to another? And what about distributors, line sizes, and everything else? Don’t be dismayed, use the simple guidelines from this presentation for your next refrigerant retrofit project. Please join us for this session on Refrigerant Retrofits, you’ll practically be an expert after you do! Until someone invents nonflammable propane, refrigerant retrofits will be a fact of life in the air conditioning and refrigeration industry. Your participation will help you to prepare for the inevitable when your favorite refrigerant is outlawed or now costs $1,000 per pound.