Building a Stronger HVAC Workforce

Presented by:   Bruce Matulich    Colleen Keyworth   

One of the biggest threats to the home services industry is the shortage of skilled, prepared, passionate workers entering the industry workforce. How can we not only slow that problem, but actually reverse it and reposition the trades as a first-choice career path out of high school? In this session, speakers from the EGIA Foundation and Women in HVACR, two organizations dedicated to solving these problems, will discuss not only how contractors and companies can help, but how they can work more in tandem with instructors and schools to secure better outcomes for businesses, schools and students. We'll discuss: - How instructors can attract more qualified candidates into educational programs - The impact of recruitment literature on interesting and eventually drawing in new students - More effective ways to bring together those who complete training programs and job providers - Better ways for instructors to work with local contractors to receive program assistance (internships, job-shadowing, guest speakers, equipment/tool donations, etc.) - The ideal role of the advisory board to ensure programs are teaching the things that employers are looking for