Methods to Electronically Control Refrigerated Cases

Presented by:   Jim Jansen   

Tuesday, March 22 from 7:00 AM to 8:30 AM, Sonoma C

Refrigeration Systems have become more sophisticated over the years with the use of EEVs, EEPRs, and the appropriate electronic controllers. The controllers can be stand alone or integrated into the building's Energy Management System. Generally, the controllers and many system parameters can be monitored remotely. In this presentation we will discuss stand alone and integrated controllers. These controllers can manage system temperatures and pressures and can be designed to control lights, defrost fans, and anti-sweat heaters. Some big supermarket retailers are utilizing some of these methods, and many are requiring pre-qualification of their service technicians for these system controllers. Please join us for this presentation. Your attendance will set the stage for your readiness to train students. A demonstration unit and control system components will be available for hands-on training and will be donated as an attendance prize.