The Professional HVAC Technician

The Professional HVAC Technician

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ISBN: 978-0-9849858-1-4

What skills do Master HVAC technicians think every new tech should know? What skills do new techs actually have difficulty with once on their own working in the field? To find out, we tracked 700 newly-trained HVAC technicians over a 10-year period and discovered the troubleshooting issues they most commonly had problems solving. We also interviewed dozens of master technicians with more than 30 years' experience each, and compiled a list of facts they thought every new technician should know. Not surprising was that the two lists were synonymous. This incredible database of knowledge has been compiled into this book, "The Professional HVAC Technician", a must-have reference book for new and experienced technicians alike. Tricks of the trade, explanations of why things work the way they do, as well as hands-on techniques for solving the problems encountered in daily work in the HVAC industry. For new technicians, this book gives a real-world view into what difficulties they are actually going to encounter once employed in the industry and how to solve them. For instructors, it provides an invaluable guide for focusing classroom and lab discussions to problem areas most commonly encountered by their students once in the workforce. For any instructor struggling with how to "fill the time" in school, this text completely solves that issue with hundreds of photos of the actual problems encountered by technicians in the field along with a complete explanation of how these problems were overcome. 216 Pages

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Instructor Resource Disc (or Download): Includes a PowerPoint that has the images from each chapter; Appendix articles are included in full page. PowerPoints include all the photos from the book plus additional photos not in the text. Also included in the Instructor Resource package are Exam View test banks with 500 unique questions as well as a photo index to help you find exactly what you're looking for throughout the 480 photos.