HVAC/R Terminology: A Quick Reference Guide

HVAC/R Terminology: A Quick Reference Guide

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ISBN: 1-930044-22-4

This one-of-a-kind HVAC/R technical reference guide incorporates all the HVAC/R technical terms used in the industry today, and is an indispensable resource for professionals dealing with electricity, controls, refrigeration cycle, heating, psychometrics, boilers, heat pumps, heat transfer, load calculations and more.Covers the entire industry, providing the most comprehensive collection of HVAC/R terms available in one concise location.For those just starting in and seasoned veterans of the HVAC/R industry. The 71 pages of appendices include common industry association abbreviations, business, computer and medical terminology; area of circles; color codes for resistors; CFM tables, decibel ratings & hazardous time exposure of common noises, duct sizing, conversion charts and much, much more. ©2009 392 pages.

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