R-410A Universal Safety Manual

R-410A Universal Safety Manual

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ISBN: 978-1-930044-12-8

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This program enables you to prepare individuals with the necessary knowledge to safely service systems containing R-410A and R-407C..

Training Manual © 2002 ESCO - 102 Pages

This training manual covers; appropriate refrigerant and oil applications, service techniques, and the safe handling and recovery of R-410A and R-407C. .

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PowerPoint presentation: Includes a PowerPoint that correlates directly with the training manual, an instructional supplement with course objectives, and lesson plans to keep the course on track.


A 410A Certification Exam validates that a person possesses the knowledge to safely work with this refrigerant and helps reduce liability. The exam covers proper safety, handling, and application of R-410A refrigerant systems.

Persons who pass this examination receive a certificate, an HVAC Excellence patch, and an R-410A chevron.

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To accommodate the varying needs of each HVACR training program, this modular training package is available as a complete training solution (training manual, instructor resources and certification), or instructors can purchase the items they want separately. Registered proctors can login to view their educational discounts or call 800 726-9696 or additional information.

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