Brazing & Soldering: Copper Tubing and Processes

Brazing & Soldering: Copper Tubing and Processes

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ISBN: 978-1-930044-66-1

Improper brazing is a leading contributor to system inefficiency due to refrigerant leaks. Understanding the types of copper tubing and how to properly join them is vital to the operation and lifespan and efficiency of a system.

Training Manual © 2021 ESCO 20 Pages

The training manual simplifys soldering and brazing instruction. This in-depth program provides students and practicing technicians with the information necessary to work with and install copper refrigerant lines. Topics include types of copper tubing, cutting, bending, swaging, flaring, torch safety, brazing, soldering, and leak testing.  Click here to view a sample of this book.

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This program can be incorporated into any HVACR educational curriculum that teaches installation of copper refrigerant lines, as part of your current program or can be used as a stand-alone course.Wholesalers, manufacturers, and continuing education providers can use this program as a continuing education course to reinforce concepts in a 6-8-hour training program. .

Additional Training Resources

PowerPoint presentation: The instructor resource materials include a 79 slide PowerPoint presentation that correlates directly with the training manual. Each slide within the presentation contains speaker notes that are designed to aid the instructor through the presentation and provide additional talking points. The answers to the End of Section Review questions are also included in the presentation..


The Employment Ready Certification validates an individual’s knowledge necessary for employment. Those successfully passing the exam are awarded a certificate, wallet card, and chevron.

Training Packages

To accommodate the varying needs of each HVACR training program, this modular training package is available as a complete training solution (training manual, instructor resources and certification), or instructors can purchase the items they want separately. Registered proctors can log in to view their educational discounts or call 800 726-9696 or additional information.

Elearning Course

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