Quick Guide to Refrig Cycle, Refrigerants, Components

Quick Guide to Refrig Cycle, Refrigerants, Components

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ISBN: 978-1930044609

A fundamental knowledge of the refrigeration cycle, refrigerants, and components is necessary to be successful in the field, and pass the closed-book EPA Section 608 refrigerant certification examination.

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The training manual is intended to provide industry personnel with an overview of fundamental concepts needed to be successful on the EPA Section 608 examination. Some of the topics covered include; concepts and measurements of pressure, temperature/pressure relationship, study of thermodynamics and heat transfer, the refrigeration cycle, temperature/pressure relationships, refrigerant composition, properties, refrigerant applications, oils used with refrigerants, safe handling, the process of retrofitting a system as it applies to the use of alternative refrigerants, system cleanup, the function and applications of evaporators, condensers, compressors, and metering devices.

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