CLEARANCE! Saturn Energy Auditor Field Guide

CLEARANCE!  Saturn Energy Auditor Field Guide

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ISBN: 978-1-880120-17-0

The Energy Auditor Field Guide describes the best practices used in assessing the performance of existing homes. It includes step-by-step procedures that identify the most effective energy-saving measures for a home depending on its type and climate. This guide includes instructions for performing advanced blower-door diagnostics. This guide has undergone many rounds of technical review from experts around North America. The Energy Auditor Field Guide is illustrated with dozens of drawings, photographs, charts, and tables. It includes contains nine chapters and an extensive appendix. Ethics and Customer Relations Energy Consumption and Quality Control Inspecting the Building Shell Diagnosing Shell Air Leakage Evaluating Heating and Cooling Systems Evaluating Baseload Measures Windows, Doors, and Exterior Insulation Analyzing Mobile Homes Health and Safety Purpose: The Energy Auditor Field Guide provides specific instructions on identifying the most effective energy conservation procedures. It is used on the job by home performance contractors, home energy raters, and weatherization auditors. It is also used as a study guide for students in building performance courses.