Educational Trainers

Provide skills assessment while validating critical thinking of various systems that would otherwise take a warehouse full of equipment to accomplish.

Learn more about these critical thinking training devices.


Diverse brands, encompassing various technologies, to prepare students for success, regardless of the career path they choose in the HVACR industry.

Stackable and Portable Credentials

Validates one's knowledge at various stages of their career
(student – technician – instructor).

Learn more about the seventy plus progressive levels of certification .

Program Alignment

HERN can help your program meet nationally established standards through programmatic accreditation.

Learn more about HVACR programmatic accreditation.

Tools and Test Instruments

Specific to the HVACR industry, from a diverse group of leading manufacturers.

Tailored Curriculum

Meet the specific needs of the program, the community it serves and its industry partners.

Professional Development

Created exclusively for HVACR instructors. Instructors can attend knowing that the sessions are conducted by professionals involved in many branches of the HVACR industry including teaching, manufacturing, designing, and engineering.

Learn more about the National HVACR Educators and Trainers Conference.

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