About Us

About HERN

The HVACR Education Resource Network (HERN) is a network of educators, trainers, educational institutions, manufacturers, curriculum providers, wholesalers, credentialing bodies, soft skill providers, furnishers, teaching aids, and other industry-related organization stake holders, who have come together to support the development of world class HVACR training programs in an effort to provide schools and other industry training programs with the tools and resources necessary to produce a highly skilled workforce. HERN enables associate members to become the ultimate resource, the one stop shop, for administrators, trainers, and educators.

What HERN is Not

HERN is not a resource for free equipment.


It is the mission of HERN to improve HVACR education, through its collaborative of industry leading organizations, by assisting instructors, administrators, and industry trainers in obtaining the equipment, tools, trainers, curriculum, credentialing, and other necessary resources to build world class HVACR training programs.

HERN assembles industry stakeholders that provide the necessary resources (tools, equipment, credentials, curriculum, software, furnishings and more) to meet each HVACR program's goal and mission. This network can provide schools and other industry training programs with diverse brands of equipment, tools, curriculum, etc., covering various technologies, to prepare students for success in the HVACR industry and meet each HVACR program's unique goals and mission.

School Questionnaire

HVACR educational programs seeking assistant from HERN, can begin the process by completing the school questionnaire .

Associate Members

Associate Members shall be those product or service providers who agree to work with HERN to provide their unique products and/or services to schools, training programs, etc.

Each associate member will complete a membership application that contains contact information for those designated to serve as the contact/s to the HERN staff.

There will be no exclusivity in providers and/or services so that HERN may:

  • Maintain a diverse offering of brands, resources, supplies, equipment, etc., covering various technologies and services, to meet the specific and regional goals of each program we serve.
  • Meet the needs of each program in a timely fashion.
  • Assist state funded programs to maintain their purchasing requirements.