Research Articles

The Carbon Monoxide Safety Association looks forward to medical research conducted on Carbon Monoxide in the human body. This is all ground breaking stuff. It wasn’t that long ago that the most you heard about carbon monoxide was that it became deadly at 400 PPM when a healthy adult was exposed for a few hours at this concentration.

The following list will be updated as new research is revealed.

Chronic carbon monoxide exposure believed to damage fetal brain cells - Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

A novel study has revealed that constant exposure to minimum levels of carbon monoxide during pregnancy may cause harm to the brain cells of the fetus ...

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Carbon Monoxide, Although Toxic, Prevents Clotting In Mice

Science Daily (press release) - USA

Carbon monoxide poisoning is extremely toxic; exposure prevents oxygen delivery to body tissues and is often fatal. However, inflamed or injured tissues ...

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DDW: Bad Air Linked to Non-Specific Abdominal Pain

MedPage Today - Little Falls, NJ

Rates of emergency department visits for abdominal pain with no specific cause increased by up to 10% on days with high levels of carbon monoxide ...

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Even a little smoking can do great harm

Denver Post - Denver, CO

Tobacco smoke contains more than 4000 chemicals, including ammonia, a lung irritant; carbon monoxide, which reduces blood- oxygen levels; methanol ...

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Personal Health Oxygen Therapy Is Valuable, Sometimes

New York Times - United States

Data are conflicting, particularly on carbon monoxide poisoning, crush injuries and some soft tissue infections. Some trials demonstrate benefit while ...

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Number of CO poisonings increases with cold weather

KSL-TV - Salt Lake City, UT, USA

By Randall Jeppesen. With the bitter cold temperatures creeping in, some local doctors say we're seeing an epidemic of carbon monoxide poisonings. ...

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