Onsite Visitation

Application and Review Process

The following instructions will provide an approximate timeframe for each step of the accreditation process.

Dependent upon your response time, the process may be completed in as little as 90 days or can take as long as 6 months.

Step 1: Submit Application and Program Video

The school submits their completed application for accreditation with the application fee to HVAC Excellence. In addition, the school shall submit a narrated program video (contact HVAC Excellence for submittal instructions) using their smartphone, tablet, etc., highlighting the following:

  • Laboratory: Walk us through the laboratory, showing all equipment, trainers, and workstations (Inside and Outside).
  • Safety: Show all fire extinguishers, eye wash stations, first aid kits, emergency cutoff switches, and your permanently installed mechanical exhaust system.
  • Tool Room / Storage: Show test and diagnostic equipment, recording instruments, general hand tools, vacuum pumps, recovery equipment, brazing equipment, refrigerant storage area.
  • Classroom and Office: The video should show the following: training library (audio visual equipment, books, slides, videos, etc.), classroom area, student computers, and the instructor office(s).

The accreditation review board will review the application and video to determine the programs eligibility for candidacy. If the school is granted candidacy status, the HVACR program will be sent an accreditation manual, and have one-year to complete their self-study and host an on-site evaluation team to determine final accreditation.

Step 2: Team Members Assigned

When a program is granted candidacy status, an accreditation team member is assigned to work with the school throughout the process.

Step 3: Submit Self-Study

A completed self-study may be submitted electronically to the HVAC Excellence Drobox (contact HVAC Excellence for submittal instructions). If a program prefers, they may ship 3 USB sticks of their completed self-study to 1350 W. Northwest Hwy, Mount Prospect, IL 60056.

The accreditation review board will assess the self-study and documentation, to determine if the program appears to be ready for an onsite evaluation. The review process by the board is usually completed within 45-days of receipt of the self-study.

Step 4: Onsite Visitation

If HVAC Excellence finds the Self-Study and its accompanying documents acceptable, an onsite evaluation team will be selected. The accreditation team leader will work with the institution to schedule the one-day on-site visit.

Learn more about the onsite visitation here.

Step 5: Final Determination

The accreditation review board will assess the recommendation of the onsite accreditation team to make a final determination of accreditation. This process may take up to 45-days.

Accreditation Fees

A $500.00 fee is to be submitted with the application. The remaining $1,500.00 is due after review and acceptance of the self-study but prior to scheduling the onsite visit. In addition, the following actual expenses incurred will be invoiced upon completion of the onsite evaluation: $600.00 team honorarium per member (2-person team), airfare, car rental fees and fuel charges or personnel vehicle mileage, baggage fees, airport parking, transportation to and from the airport, and actual lodging expenses.

If the school cancels a scheduled onsite visit after the scheduled agreed upon date, the school shall be responsible for any fees and expenses incurred because of the cancellation. A future onsite visit will not be scheduled until the fees associated with the cancellation have been paid.