HVACR Webcast From a Trusted Source

The ESCO Institute is pleased to announce that it will be launching a LIVE Webcast this fall. The ESCO Institute "Did you Know?" webcast will provides HVACR professionals and instructors with reliable, up-to-date, and relevant information, directly from trusted sources.

The world of HVACR has been changing at an exponential rate in the last few years, with new SEER ratings, flammable refrigerants, and an array of technological advances. Keeping up with all the changes in regulation, manufacturing, refrigerants and how to properly prepare students and technicians has became daunting. The ESCO Institute and its affiliates and educational partners have the unique opportunity to bring industry professionals into the spotlight to educate the world on the most current changes and challenges.

Starting this fall, you will be able to join us every Thursday at 4:30pm EST, on your favorite social media network, for a LIVE educational program on what's happening and how it effects YOU.

We will see you soon on 'DID YOU KNOW?'-The ESCO hvac show.

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