System Performance

System Performance: Maximizing Energy Efficiency

Efficiency Doesn’t Cost. It Pays!

System Performance provides the techniques and procedures required to maximize the energy efficiency of HVAC systems and reduce call backs.

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Instructor Resources
Contains: PPT, LP, SYL

A study of residential HVAC systems shows:

  • 68% are improperly charged. A slight under or over charge effects energy consumption by 18 to 25%.
  • 70% have improper airflow. This effects both running time and humidity which decreases energy efficiency.
  • 91% remain untested for combustion safety and efficiency. A small air/fuel ratio inaccuracy will effect energy efficiency by 18% to 20%.

Training Manual

The System Performance training manual aids students and technicians in understanding the proper techniques and procedures used to verify and optimize performance of HVAC systems.

The manual is broken into four parts covering:

  • Airflow
  • Critical charging procedures
  • Psychrometrics
  • Combustion analysis

Instructor Resources

Instructor resource media includes:

  • PPT - PowerPoint that correlates directly with the training manual. Each slide within the presentation contains speaker notes that are designed to aid the instructor through the presentation and provide additional talking points.
  • LP - Lesson Plans
  • SYL - Syllabus


A four-part (refrigerant charging, Psychrometrics, combustion efficiency and airflow), 100-question certification tests the knowledge a technician has in the processes and procedures required to ensure HVAC systems are performing at maximum efficiency.