DC Machines

Two common DC machines are motors and generators. DC Motors convert DC electrical energy to mechanical energy, while DC generators convert mechanical energy to DC electrical energy.

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Although DC machines were first developed in the early 19th century, prior to the use of AC machines, they are used still used in many industrial applications today. Learning about the more popular AC machines, however, starts with learning about DC power.

This course explains the underlying electrical theory, equipment components for common types of DC motors and generators. The course starts with the theory of magnetism and moves on to demonstrate how DC generators and motors work. Detailed 3D models are used with animations to assist in visualizing the concepts.

As part of this course, trainees complete several Knowledge Checks and other exercises to validate their training and identify subject areas where additional review/training are recommended. A certificate of completion will be provided to all participants who successfully complete the course.

Topics covered in this course include:

  • How magnetic fields are produced and used
  • The right­hand rule
  • Operation of a simple DC generator
  • Complex DC Machines
  • Construction and operation of a DC Motor
  • Types of DC generators
  • Controlling a DC generator

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Review trade math, basic hydralics, electrical series, basic rigging, internal combustion engines, and scaffolding.

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