Residential Heat Load Calculations PPT

Residential Heat Load Calculations PPT

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Improperly Sized? Probably!

It is crucial to determine the proper heating and cooling load for a structure when selecting new HVAC systems. Improper sizing of equipment may have a negative impact on occupants’ comfort and health. Energy consumption and life of the equipment may also be affected. This heating and cooling load program prepares individuals to properly calculate the envelope load for equipment selection.

Residential Heat Load Analyst.

This training program simplifies the task of teaching or learning Residential Heat Load Calculations.

This 472 slide instructional PowerPoint simplifies the task of teaching students and technicians Residential Heat Load Calculations. The PowerPoint includes an introduction to building heat transfer, building envelope analysis, windows and doors, heat gain and loss calculations.

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Student Workbook

To help the students better comprehend the materials, a workbook is available. The workbook contains PowerPoint slides with lines for them to take notes.


The 100-question Residential Heat Load Analyst Certification measures an individual’s ability to properly determine the heating and cooling load of a structure, ensuring optimal system performance, less energy consumption, longer equipment life, and greater customer satisfaction.