Carbon Monoxide a Clear and Present Danger

Carbon Monoxide a Clear and Present Danger

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Colorless, Odorless and Deadly!

Carbon Monoxide is a colorless, odorless, tasteless gas, better known as the silent killer. A major source of CO poisoning is from improperly installed or maintained fossil fuel systems. As such, it is essential for HVACR technicians to have a strong understanding of Carbon Monoxide, its sources, and remediation methods.

Carbon Monoxide a Clear & Present Danger

Training Manual © 2003 ESCO - 168 Pages

This training manual covers what CO is, how CO is produced, health effects of CO exposure, how to respond to an alarm, basic testing procedures, code compliance, and exposure standards. An in depth explanation of combustion analysis, troubleshooting, and remediation of CO production come next. The manual concludes with a primer on how building pressures effect the distribution of carbon monoxide.

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