Gas Heating: Furnaces, Boilers, Controls, Components

Gas Heating: Furnaces, Boilers, Controls, Components

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ISBN: 978-1930044-53-1

This gas heating program is a must for those who want to stay current on today’s modern heating systems. Today’s technicians are confronted with integrated circuit boards, and electronic ignition systems. This program also covers legacy systems that technicians may encounter while in the field.

Gas Heating

Training Manual © 2019 ESCO - 232 Pages

The training manual provide students and practicing technicians with the information and knowledge necessary to safely work on systems that incorporate gas combustion to provide heat. Some of the topics covered include; safe working practices, combustion of both natural gas and LP, proper venting procedures, fuel system components of furnaces and boilers, furnace and boiler components and controls, sequence of operations and schematics for furnaces and boilers, gas piping sizing and installation, furnace and boiler installation, and troubleshooting mechanical and electrical faults.

Topics Covered

Safe working practices, Combustion of both natural gas and LP, Proper venting procedures for gas-burning appliances, Fuel system components of furnaces and boilers, Furnace and boiler components and controls, Sequence of operations and schematics for furnaces and boilers, Gas piping sizing and installation, Furnace and boiler installations, and Troubleshooting mechanical and electrical faults

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Areas of Competency

This program has been cross-walked or aligned to the HVAC Excellence Competency and Task List, to assist instructors in providing their students with the gas heat knowledge and skills necessary for employment in the HVACR industry.

Instructor Resources

PowerPoint presentation: The instructor resource materials include 11 PowerPoint presentations (one for each Chapter), 475 slides in all, that correlate directly with the training manual. Each slide within the presentation contains speaker notes that are designed to aid the instructor through the presentation and provide additional talking points. There are also PDF files that provide the speaker notes in a printable format.

Instructor Guide: Is a 51-page instructional supplement with course objectives with an estimated delivery time to keep the program on track. Answers to student worksheets are also included. Instructor resource materials are available through digital download or CD.

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The Employment Ready Certification validates an individual’s knowledge necessary for employment. Those successfully passing the exam are awarded a certificate, wallet card, and chevron.

Training Package

To accommodate the varying needs of each HVACR training program, this modular training package is available as a complete training solution (training manual, instructor resources and certification), or instructors can purchase the items they want separately. Registered proctors can login to view their educational discounts or call 800 726-9696 or additional information.

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