System Recovery & Evacuation

System Recovery & Evacuation

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When installing or servicing an air conditioning or refrigeration system, two of the most important tasks performed by technicians are refrigerant recovery and system evacuation. To perform these tasks properly, and in a safe manner, technicians need to understand the theory behind them, have a working knowledge of the equipment and tools used, and employ accepted industry best practices. This program walks through each step of these tasks, while covering safety, theory, and application.

Training Manual © 2021 ESCO 20 Pages

The manual provides the information and knowledge necessary to understand refrigerant recovery, system evacuation, and filter driers. In addition, they explain how to accurately and safely install or service air conditioning and refrigeration systems. Main topics include: the refrigerant recovery process, recycling and reclamation, the evacuation process, and measuring a deep vacuum.

The end of the booklet contains fill-in-the-blank worksheets that review the content of the entire manual.

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Course Objectives

  • Understand the refrigerant recovery process.
  • Discuss EPA refrigerant recovery requirements.
  • Explain the differences between recycling and reclaiming refrigerant.
  • Describe the tools and equipment necessary for refrigerant recovery.
  • Understand evacuation theory.
  • Describe the tools and equipment necessary for system evacuation.
  • Explain the use of a micron gauge.
  • Discuss the differences between suction and liquid line filter driers.

Instructor Resource

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