Leveraging Connected Tools and Smartphone apps to Close the Skilled Labor Gap

Presented by:   James Bergmann   

Wednesday, March 23 from 10:30 AM to 12:00 PM, Sonoma C

With estimates of a labor gap of 20,000 technicians over the next few years, the HVAC industry needs productivity tools to get low experienced technicians up to speed faster, and skilled technicians simply more productive. We need to reduce callbacks, increase first time fix rates, recover lost revenue per ticket, and do it all with a new workforce as our highly skilled labor is set to retire. Connected Bluetooth tools and powerful software applications are providing solutions to quickly close that gap. It's not just about making measurements but doing something with them that really matters, and how we use this smart tool technology and teach with it, is far more important than simple exposure. Everyone of your students is carrying a $600-1000 computer in their pocket. Are they using it to further their career or simply watching Tik-Tok videos to make the time pass by? Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity. Leveraging the power of smartphone connected tools and the ability to see the big picture as all of those measurements interact, will change the way that you teach and your students learn. Smart tools and applications have the potential to transform an entry level technician to a seemingly skilled technician in a few short months. If your students are not using this technology daily then you are simply teaching past best practices. Instructors taking this course will better understand the vision of using connected tools, understand the importance of "garbage in is garbage out" for accurate diagnostics, learn about the low hanging fruit for better system performance, and understand capacity normalization and what to watch when evaluating the performance and efficiency of air conditioning equipment. Upon completion you will have a pathway to take this technology back into your classroom.