Setting the Stage For the Next Generation of BAS

Presented by:   Chris Lane   

Monday, March 25 from 7:00 AM until 8:15 AM, Napa CD

Everyone recognizes that technology is constantly changing and ever evolving. One sector where that rings especially true is environmental control systems in buildings. Clearly understanding Building Automation System (BAS) resiliency and how to mitigate risks when designing systems to support future needs is critical to contractors and building owners continued success. Modern solutions go well beyond just keeping building conditions warm or cool; they leverage data from the BAS to intelligently respond to changing conditions, thus helping to prevent potential catastrophic losses associated with failing HVAC equipment and other building assets. It’s also critical that they effectively manage and help control increasingly costly energy resources and have the latest in dedicated cybersecurity measures built in. Johnson Controls’ Chris Lane will discuss the latest developments in BAS technology and design, including Verasys 5.0 – the latest in cloud-connected building automation solutions -- and highlight four key considerations: 1) Installing the right infrastructure 2) Building a system that uses advanced communications protocols 3) Leveraging modern BAS software and hardware for efficiency and cybersecurity 4) Expanding to the cloud to manage, analyze and predict You certainly can help ensure that your BAS is ready to handle technological advancements now and in the future to deliver safe, healthy, and sustainable buildings. Chris will help you understand how.