Seamless Onboarding: Equipping New HVACR Instructors for Classroom Success

Presented by:   Eugene Silberstein   

Monday, March 25 from 7:00 AM until 8:15 AM, Sonoma A

Often, the onboarding process for newly minted HVACR instructors falls short of furnishing them with the essential tools to navigate the distinctive challenges of the classroom environment. This informative session aims to delve into a plethora of strategies and illuminating ideas, all of which serve as a compass guiding instructors towards a seamless transition into the teaching realm. Within these discussions, the intricate nuances of the educational milieu are unraveled, and a concerted effort is made to harness the full spectrum of available resources, thus laying a solid foundation for success. Central to this endeavor is the pinpoint identification of key competencies that are not only fundamental but also tailored to the particular HVACR curriculum. Additionally, a crucial facet involves the seamless integration of an array of instructor resources that can amplify the effectiveness of the teaching process. This course unfurls a comprehensive approach, meticulously designed to provide a well-rounded guide for the instructor's transformative journey. A critical cornerstone of this course centers on the adept testing and validation of the instructor's own knowledge base. This ensures not only a mastery of the subject matter but also an adeptness at delivering these competencies in a structured and coherent manner, thereby enriching the learning experience for students. By the end of this course, newly minted HVACR instructors will be well-equipped with an arsenal of tools, insights, and strategies to not only survive but truly thrive within the multifaceted educational landscape.