How to determine correct design flow and head for a centrifugal pump in an Open Loop piping system.

Presented by:   Michael Licastro   

"This course is designed to outline the key steps to properly analyze a potential Open Loop piping system design such that correct sizing and selection installation and operation of the associated Centrifugal Pump can be accomplished. An example problem will be used as the basis for all subject matter presentations. Students will engage in discussions on Bernoulli’s Principle and Equation for fluid dynamics calculating the available Net Positive Suction Head (NPSHa) the system will offer and a review of how to read a pump performance curve. In addition an in-depth conversation on friction loss due to fluid flow as it applies to pipe sizing equipment selections (Chiller and Open Cooling Tower) and pump head determination will be had including identification of Static Head Pump Discharge Head and Pump Suction Lift. A thorough explanation on construction of the correct System Curve will be the final step before reviewing various pump selection options and making a group decision on the best model for our system.