HVAC Soft Skills

Presented by:   Mohammad Abdallah   

This presentation is designed to help students gain the necessary skills essential to becoming a great HVAC technician. Soft skills are as important as technical skills in the HVAC industry. From the time a technician picks up the phone to talk to the customer or rings their doorbell to debriefing the customer on the work that was completed on their system, soft skills are critical to a successful service call outcome. A technician can properly fix a customer’s HVAC system, yet may receive a poor rating for the overall experience. Social media has become a means of expressing our feelings and experience about everything from eating out to home services. A negative review can have long lasting implications on an HVAC business. This presentation is tailored to help students succeed by providing them with the soft skills necessary in the HVAC industry. It covers communication skills, work ethics and etiquette. We will discuss scenarios that students and future technicians will encounter; how do you introduce yourself as a representative of your company, do you remove your shoes when entering customer homes, do you admire the customers home and belongings, how do you deal with a customer who is looking over your shoulder during a service call, how do you communicate technical concepts to customers about their HVAC system without losing them in technical jargon. These are some of the topics that will be covered to ensure students/technicians succeed in the HVAC industry.