Human Comfort & Health - IT'S NOT JUST TEMPERATURE

Presented by:   Chris Howells   

The three factors that determine human comfort are, air movement (speed) temperature (actual) and relative humidity. Of these three, Humidity control has the greatest effect on human comfort and health. It important to understand that a low humidity level is as dangerous as a high humidity level because it affects human comfort, personal health, and it effect structures. The HVAC industry is vastly different today than it was just a few years ago. Indoor air quality and building science has quickly ramped up within the trade, but the understanding of why we need to understand those fundamentals behind IAQ has not. The program will methodically instruct on the following: - Types of humidification systems - How to calculate the amount of humidity control needed - The most Important Factors to Consider While Choosing a Humidity Control System - Installation best practices - The effect of humidity on human comfort and health - The most common symptoms of HIGH humidity levels - The most common symptoms of LOW humidity levels