CO2 as a Refrigerant

Presented by:   Rusty Walker   

The re-emergence of CO2 is a critical factor for the future training of the technician work force in the refrigeration industry. As HFC’/HFO refrigerants, with high global warming potential (GWP) are starting to be phased out, CO2 is set to be the one of the best alternatives. In the course the educators will be exposed to CO2 information to bring back to their training environments to pass along to the next generation. The course will cover A quick history of the use of CO2 The areas in the industry where the product is most used The primary uses: Supermarket and Industrial Different physical phases of the refrigerant from: Supercritical Subcritical Med-Temp Transcritical Med-Temp Subcritical Low-Temp Subcritical The Critical Point Triple Point Discussion how to handle the R-744 especially during charging, evacuation and potentially releasing the charge. Understanding how this refrigerant will be used in the future will be critical for training the upcoming workforce.