Introducing Technicians to Renewable Liquid Fuels

Presented by:   Robert OBrien   

The transition from petroleum-based heating oil to renewable liquid fuels is well under way with many states already having mandates as well as a self-imposed industry goal of being net zero carbon by 2050 with benchmarks along the way. The two fuels are very similar but there are some differences that can effect service procedures. As this conversion happens, Technicians servicing the 5 million plus sites using liquid fuels need to be up to speed on what to expect. This session is geared towards those already providing training for the oil heat market as well as those interested in entering the space with the move towards renewable fuels. The program will cover the similarities and differences between fossil and renewable fuels in all aspects, handling and storage, material compatibility, combustion, flame sensing and how to service and maintain burners using these fuels properly and with confidence.