Daikin City and Daikin University

Presented by:   Jeff Bledsoe   

WELCOME TO DAIKIN CITY Discover a new realm of energy efficiency and see what saving you can achieve. Explore the city to see Daikin’s integrated heating, ventilation and air conditioning solutions. Daikin North America has announced the launch of a new Daikin City Library, providing advanced searching capabilities, streamlined integrations, and an intuitive user interface. The new Daikin City Library provides users a modern user-interface to search, browse, preview, and download digital assets. The new library is also mobile-friendly, making it convenient to locate assets wherever you are! The new Daikin City Library can be accessed through the Daikin City webpage at www.daikincity.com and then selecting “Document Library.” You can also visit https://library.daikincity.com -added 9/19/22 CB