System Troubleshooting - Do you hear Hoof beats? Don't think Zebras

Presented by:   Casey Grow   

System Troubleshooting can lead to misdiagnosis of system problems when we do not take the time to create proper procedures in our troubleshooting techniques. When you hear hoof beats do not think there is a zebra coming it could just be a regular horse, meaning do not always think the problem is some unique crazy problem, it could be something as simple as the batteries in the thermostat. We have Zebra problems sometimes but most of the time we have Horse problems, the basic simple stuff that gets missed. Technicians with 30 years in the industry or even 1 year in the industry can be affected by these troubleshooting problems, so come and take a refresher or come learn how to create a Troubleshooting procedure for yourself so that you are more confident in your Troubleshooting Skills.