Common Electrical Myths Debunked

Presented by:   Bryan Orr   

The electrical side of the HVAC/R trade tends to be commonly misunderstood and misapplied in the field. HVAC/R tradespeople must grapple with confusing electrical theory and codes, which leads to understandable errors. In this fun session, Bryan Orr will walk through some common misunderstandings about electrical calculations, circuits, and the National Electrical Code. Bryan Orr started out his trades career as an electrical apprentice and has made every mistake in the book; this session will share some of those mistakes and remedy the misunderstandings that cause them to happen. Attendees will walk out of the class with a greater appreciation and understanding of electrical theory, codes, and applications relating to the HVAC/R industry. Presentation topics and myths include but are not limited to: * Why current doesn't only take the path of least resistance * Increasing electrical resistance increases the heat of a circuit * Single-phase 240v power is really just two 120v sine waves * Hard starts reduce the starting current * Breaker and conductor sizing for residential air conditioning * Your body will trip a circuit breaker * Failing motors cause capacitors to fail