Introduction to Commercial Heat Pump Water Heating Systems

Presented by:   Thomasena Philen   

Friday, July 01, 2022 until Sunday, July 31, 2022, Online

Hot water can be the top source of energy consumption in multi-family buildings, accounting for up to 32% of the energy use. While new to the market, commercial heat pump water heating systems are 2-4 times more efficient than gas or electric resistance systems, use low global-warming-potential refrigerants; and have connectivity and controls to harmonize with the energy supply, making it possible to rapidly increase the use of renewable energy sources. Equally important, they are uniquely positioned to offer a low-carbon, highly energy-efficient domestic hot water heating option to meet many state and local codes and policies, including several all-electric new constructions reach codes in California. This session dives into commercial heat pump water heating systems and guides learners through several virtual interactive tours of installations in commercial and multifamily buildings. Participants will examine case studies that illustrate lessons learned for optimizing system functionality and energy efficiency. Different market delivery options will also be highlighted – from custom engineered systems to fully specified built-up systems to new fully-packaged, skid-mounted plug-and-play systems to be released in 2022. Additionally, participants will learn about some exciting new educational resources on the market that provide learners with new and deep understanding of the design, installation, operation, and maintenance of these systems, while emphasizing the value of CHPWHs in energy efficiency and LEED certification of new buildings.