Chatting Devices: BAS Networking

Presented by:   Jon Vietti   

Wednesday, March 23 from 10:30 AM to 12:00 PM, Sonoma A

In this session, we will join a lifetime industry expert in Direct Digital Controls. Jon Vietti is the creator of iConnect Training's BAS product line, and he will give "non-IT-experts" a basic understanding of how HVAC and Building Automation Controllers talk to each other and talk to humans. Commonly used IT terms will be explained, as well as network types and protocols. We will also look at applications, their differences, and we will touch on the pros and cons of each type. Lots of hands-on interaction with exercises with IT and networking devices will help participants better visualize the most popular communication protocols. Bring your laptop or tablet to the presentation if you can (or you can get by with your phone.) Learn how this great content can be used to help your students understand fundamental Internet Technologies in HVAC, giving them a great foundation for the future.