Thinking Outside the Box: A House As A System Approach to Addressing Comfort Issues

Presented by:   Sam Myers   

Friday, April 01, 2022 until Sunday, May 01, 2022, Online

When homeowners have comfort complaints, an HVAC contractor usually gets a phone call. But what if the HVAC system isn't the root of the problem? What if the problem lies within the building enclosure? This is often the case when we see complaints related to hot or cold rooms, high humidity, or high energy consumption. HVAC contractors who replace or adjust the mechanical equipment without first diagnosing the source of the issue often get blamed for not solving the problem. In this presentation we will show you how to do some preliminary testing to determine if the building enclosure is a source of the problem. This ability allows technicians to fully remedy client needs and build trust by educating homeowners on the relationship between the HVAC system and the rest of the house. Fully evaluating the building enclosures behavior also allows mechanical designers to create more accurate load calculations. This increases the chances of creating more comfortable living spaces and happier clients. Learning objectives: Attendees will gain an understanding of building science principles that contribute to comfort problems. Attendees will learn how an air tightness test is conducted on a home and how air infiltration contributes to home comfort energy and indoor air quality issues. Attendees will see a full demonstration of various diagnostic tests to locate issues in a home.