It Takes a Partnership to Raise a Technician

Presented by:   Joey Leonard    Christine Storms   

Tuesday, March 22 from 4:30 PM to 6:00 PM, Sonoma C

In a post-COVID era this session will examine the expanded role of technology-enabled learning modalities combined with lab-based and in-field skills application. It will include key learnings from both post-secondary education and employer-led training initiatives. The disappearing pipeline of talent is not new to the trades. Each year knowledgeable and skilled employees are becoming increasingly harder to find. Yet the methods used to train needed future talent and current employees have remained stagnant. Over the past year the pandemic has brought to light both inefficiencies and opportunities for how we train. This session will examine how education can change and transform the learning delivery model to meet industry demand in post-secondary and direct to employer training. Through innovative uses of technology, wrap-around support services, and novel integration into classroom labs and on the job field application, the objective is straight forward. We look to forge superior outcomes and build stronger partnerships to close the skills gap together with industry.