Teaching Residential System Performance & Air Flow

Presented by:   Steve Rogers   

Tuesday, March 22 from 10:30 AM to 12:00 PM, Napa B

In this session, Steve Rogers, Mechanical Engineer and President of The Energy Conservatory, with Chris Hughes, TEC HVAC Business Development Manager and 18-year HVAC mechanical contractor, will team up to run an interactive session designed as a "Train the Trainer" for teaching system performance verification and air flow for residential systems. This course finds a balance of technical content with pragmatic "in the field" experience. It will include good source material but also live demonstration of using several of the most common methods for measuring air flow. Attendees will learn how to teach new HVAC technicians * Sensible Heat Ratios * The importance of setting air flow correctly * Methods for doing it properly in the field Attendees will leave with the ability to take the material presented and implement these concepts in their classroom.