HVAC Video Production for Technician Education

Presented by:   Andrew Greaves   

Wednesday, March 23 from 7:00 AM to 8:30 AM, Napa A

Video Editing Techniques for Technician Training will include information about choosing a video editing platform, what types of cameras, microphones, and accessories are needed. We will also talk about developing a story to tell, ideas on shooting raw footage from a story board, and the advantages of using multiple cameras from different angles. How to begin the editing process, scene categorizing, clip transitions, continuity of the story, developing dialog for voice-overs, and adding sound music and titles. We will also talk about length of videos and how they begin to lose effectiveness if too long. This should help instructors add their own content for sharing the information they want to share with their students. We will take a video that is acceptable but not great, and show you how to make it more interesting for technicians, holding their interest while teaching techniques, in a format that they're comfortable with.