HVAC Zone Damper Systems

Presented by:   Richard Foster   

Wednesday, March 23 from 7:00 AM to 8:30 AM, Sonoma C

HVAC Zone Damper Systems will be the next NEW thing in HVAC. Zone Damper Systems or Zoning is not new to the industry. Many may be surprised zoning has been around for forced air systems for over 60 years. Many still think of zoning as using multiple units, or now, mini-splits and VRF. Both are very expensive methods of zoning. Here you will learn that zone damper systems are affordable and economical alternatives to multiple systems, mini-splits, and VRF. See how zoning can be added to any new or existing residential or commercial HVAC System. Zoning solves comfort problems of rooms that are too hot or cold, fixes temperature imbalances, and studies will be shown where zoning can reduce up to 33% in heating and cooling costs. Zoning with damper systems is sold in less than 5% of all HVAC Systems. How many of you teach about HVAC Zone Damper Systems? Why not? Most likely because you don't see or hear the demand for zoning. Come and see how simple Zone Damper Systems are, and how they can be applied to every ducted forced air system. Note ACCA offers Manual Zr on Residential Zoning. Attend this session for a chance to get a Manual Zr for your own use.