Ben Engelking

Head Master Engelking entered the HVAC trade in his early 30's as a career change from a licensed practicing professional engineer. After starting and running a small HVAC service company for several years, he experienced the universal problem of finding properly trained HVAC technicians for service work. After teaching evening classes at a local community college for several years, he founded the HVAC School in 1988. Head Master Engelking has been developing course material, building hands-on trainers and instructing classes for over 36 years. The HVAC School offers short-term, hands-on evening classes emphasizing troubleshooting and repair service. The school uses 15+ residential/ light commercial AC/ HT and over 35 furnaces in its hands-on instruction. In 2000 Head Master Engelking was the 1st recipient of the “Best HVAC Instructor in the US” sponsored by the ACR NEWS Magazine. Mr. Engelking has served on the City of Seattle Refrigeration Board of Examiners, has written numerous articles in trade magazines, and has been involved in short-term continuing education training for the electrical/ plumbing/ HVAC license holder renewals. Since the founding of the school, five to six thousand entry level technicians have been trained. The school actively upgrades current courses to match industry technological changes. Servicing and installing ductless mini-split systems has recently been added to the course curriculum.

Ben   Engelking