Allen Coggins

Allen Coggins is the President and Inventor of COCOON HVAC & Energy. After spending a couple decades in the HVAC industry and living in somewhat rural areas, I knew there had to be a better way to heat my home affordably and safely. Propane is expensive, dangerous, and causes pollution. Electric heat is dry, just not comfortable, and expensive. Natural gas heat, while comfortable and somewhat affordable – is not an option in every home. My family home had an older propane furnace and was always cold in the winter. While our family hated being cold, none of us hated it as much as our family dog, Macy. We hated the cold almost as much as we hated wasting money. We had been supplementing our inefficient furnace with space heaters to try to even out the inevitable cold spots in our home. I remember our kids would take turns getting dressed in the morning in front of our faux fireplace heater, and Macy was always laying by the heater shivering. Our home could not get access to natural gas, propane was a huge hassle, electric was expensive, and a geothermal system was not an option for our budget, with a price tag in the tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Television Interview: 2019 Eliwell Energy Summit, Venice Italy. 2020 PBS Documentary. Equipment training at Sheetmetal Workers training facility. Equipment training at East Central College for students.

Allen  Coggins