Anissa Stubblefield

Mrs. Stubblefield is the Instructional Design Lead and EV Line Lead at D&R International, Ltd. In this role, she has planned, coordinated, and designed various virtual instructor-led (VILT) and online on-demand courses educating adult learners on energy efficiency and electrification of the built environment including electric vehicles. She has built several virtual interactive learning experiences for cooperative utilities to educate their consumer-members. Mrs. Stubblefield has worked in STEM and energy education for 10 years. She has taught in Title I schools in both Philadelphia and Washington, DC, where she designed the schools’ STEM and Energy Curriculum based on the Next Generation Science Standards. To effectively design curriculum for students from these specific underserved communities, Mrs. Stubblefield prioritized equitable education practices such as accommodating different learning styles and disabilities, incorporating technology into course content, family and community engagement, and incorporating students' perspectives in her STEM curriculum. She also served as an adjunct professor at Thomas Jefferson University, East Falls Campus in Philadelphia.

Anissa  Stubblefield