TPI 780 Low Level Carbon Monoxide Monitor

TPI 780 Low Level Carbon Monoxide Detector

Standard CO detectors don't fully protect people the way they think - especially those most vulnerable such as small children, the sick, or elderly. Most retail brand carbon monoxide alarms are designed to meet minimum government standards such as UL Standard UL2034, or related Canadian standard CSA 6.19. These minimum alarms are primarily designed to protect healthy adults from high levels of carbon monoxide. The standard does not require an alarm to ever alarm for concentrations below 70 PPM.

The TPI 780 is a low CO monitor of use in work and living spaces. It can be set on a flat surface or mounted to a wall using the included hardware.

  • The 780 displays the real time CO concentration, peak CO concentration in a 24 hour period, and Carboxyhemoglobin (COHb%). It has visual and audible alarms.
  • Unlike standard CO monitors that don’t alert to low level carbon monoxide the 780 will display the level of CO from 0ppm and above and audibly and visually alert at 10ppm.
  • Standard CO monitors designed to UL2014 don’t alert until 70ppm is detected for up to 4 hours.

The 780 has an easy to read display with annunciators for low battery, real time ppm display, peak CO display, and COHb%.


  • LCD Display: Easy to read. Displays the real time, peak, and COHb% depending on display selection.
  • Silence / Test Key: Press during normal operation to test the audible and visual alarms. Press during an alarm to silence the alarm for a specified period.
  • CO Sensor Location: Area where CO is detected. Tabs enable the connection of the optional bump test gas cup. (Gas and cup sold separately)
  • Display Key: Press to cycle through real time (ppm), peak (peak), and COHb% (COHb) displays.
  • Alert LEDs:
    • Power: Green LED flashes once per minute to indicate normal operation.
    • Alarm: Red LED flashes once every 10 seconds in alarm condition.
    • Fault: Yellow LED flashes, battery annunciator illuminates, and audible alert activates when the batteries are low. Yellow LED flashes and audible alert activates when the sensor is at the end of life or has a fault
  • Audible Alarm Speaker: Location for loud 85dB piezo alarm speaker.

TPI 780 Diagram