Portable and Stackable Credentials

Portable and Stackable Credentials

Why National Certification Testing

Certification in the United States arose as a means of validating if a person possesses the retained knowledge necessary to perform various industry tasks.

The stimulus for nationally-recognized, HVACR industry testing arose from:

  • Non-uniform, inconsistent grading practices used by HVACR educators and trainers.
  • The need to establish nationally-recognized benchmarks for HVACR personal, at various stage in their careers (student, technician, & instructor), regardless of where they were trained.
  • Employer tools to aide in hiring competent technicians.
  • Consumers wanting assurance of a technician's competency.
  • Manufacturers seeking to reduce warranty costs.
  • The need for educators and trainers to have tools that validate the effectiveness of their training.

Benefits of Certification

The credentials one earns can greatly improve their career opportunities.

When employers look at a prospective employee, what do they see? They are ready to hire someone whose skills match the position available. HVAC Excellence offers the tools to match their skills to the positions available.

  • Nationally-recognized, discipline-specific certifications that evaluate one’s readiness.
  • Documentation of retained knowledge, in various disciplines, at each stage in their career.
  • Working portfolios that showcase one’s accomplishments and skill sets.
  • Training alignment to a nationally-recognized competency and task list.

Selecting the Certifications That Work Best for You

Throughout each stage of one’s career in the HVACR industry, they are continually evaluated. Progressive levels of certification are used to provide the means for a student, technician, and instructor, to take exams that have been specifically designed to evaluate them. HVAC Excellence offers portable and stackable credentials, allowing one to continually evaluate their readiness, and build their portfolio, with a single organization, throughout their HVACR career.

Why HVAC Excellence is The Right Choice for You!

Thinking of offering some type of nationally-recognized credential?

  • HVAC Excellence offers exams specifically created for each stage of a person’s HVACR career:
    • Student Outcome Assessments for High School Students
    • Employment Ready Certifications for Post-Secondary Students and Entry Level Technicians.
    • Specialty Certifications for students, technicians and educators.
    • Technician Certifications (Written and Hands-On) for seasoned professionals.
    • Educator Credentialing Exams for HVACR educators and trainers.
  • Exams are affordably priced.
  • Locate all of your credentials (student, technician, instructor) with a single login, from one website, ours.
  • Industry-leading textbooks have been cross-walked to our competency and task list.
  • Online reports that pinpoint instructional strengths and weaknesses.
  • HVAC Excellence is the largest provider of HVACR certifications, with over 300,000 credentials issued, and selected by more of your peers than any other program.


Comparative Analysis Report

Registered test administrators (proctors) can login to review test results. In addition, they can access detailed reports providing the tools to identify strengths and weaknesses in different competencies. An instructor can quickly identify if there are issues with a specific test taker, group of test takers, or if there is a weakness in the training program that needs to be addressed.

The sample report shown indicates that the class average was 85%. However, a closer look will reveal that the class average on Electrical Troubleshooting was 76%. HVAC Excellence reports can provide information to determine if the problem was with a single person, the entire class, or a trend with this instructor.